Night Angel®

Remote Control


You have all the control, you decide when to turn the unit on or off, simply throw it into an area you desire to illuminate without detection. The Night Angel is a Deployable Light that can be used over and over. Once an area has been cleared, just pick up the unit and prepare to deploy it again immediately.



Night Angel® provides you an additional level of safety by allowing you to see dangerous suspects or behaviors without giving away your location. This powerful device allows you to deploy down-range lighting without revealing your position.  A bright 1500 lumens output will shine light in 360 degrees for easy identification of an area in question.

Tactical Advantage


Night Angel® gives you the tactical advantage when you need it. In Buildings, Alleyways, Crowds, Warrant Apprehension, Clearing Houses, Drug Enforcement, or Traffic Accidents. Night Angel® is a must for your tactical bag.



"Three things get cops in trouble:

  1. Bypass Uncleared Areas
  2. Handling Perps
  3. Tactical Angles

Night Angel® Mitigates all three"

Master US & International Law Enforcement Trainer

Virtually Indestructable


This virtually indestructible device can survive being run over by an automobile and is water resistant (IP67). It is easy to deploy over long distances, yet massive enough to break through double pane glass. The unit provides 1500 lumens of light  for approximately an hour when fully charged. The internal sealed Lithium ion battery provides  more than 500 full recharge cycles

Design & Technology


Night Angel® utilizes ultra bright LED technology that provides high output, exceptional reliability, and long life. The color temperature and brightness of light has been tested and modified to the specifications requested by Police Officers, SWAT Teams, and Elite Military personnel that tested and assisted in the product specifications. The novel dodecahedron designs provides omnidirectional deployable light. Night Angel can save you or a loved ones life!! All units come with a full one year warranty.

Night Angel® Specifications

Physical Specs


DIAMETER: 3.22" (82mm) Width: 2.8" (72mm) MASS: 10.0oz [283g] DODECAHEDRON - 12 SIDES











FULL CHARGE = 1 HOUR OPERATION # OF  CHARGES: ~ 500*  (*Before battery reaches 80% capacity) 

US Patent #9,557,038      Additional US and International Patents Pending

Night Angel MSRP $299.99,     Night Vision MSRP $349.99

Night Vision


Night Vision utilizes Infrared Technology for Military, SWAT, & Special Operations. Please contact Night Angel Products, LLC.  for more information.



Night Angel® Unit, Remote Control FOB, USB Charger Base & Instruction Manual



Thanks for the comments...please keep them coming!

"Night Angel increased reaction time to suspects in rooms from 3.5 sec to 1.5 since teams reacted to movements outside rail light cone shaped zone. Increased reaction time to threat is due to 360 degree illumination vs 1/4th area. Was amazed it cut threat analysis and mitigation of deadly behavior by half the normal response time. It didn't even phase our eyes from transition from day to night (cone vs rod cells in eye) since illumination matches tactical white light vs being too bright or dim. Transition was seamless w/ right illumination level. You all did good in ensuring not too bright or too dim, good balance. Very Impressive device" 

"Three things get cops in trouble; 1) Bypass Uncleared Areas, 2) Handling Perps, 3) Tactical Advantages and Angles. Night Angel mitigates all three" 

"We used the Night Angel for a warrant apprehension, through the unit into the apartment and before we could turn on they surrendered"  

"On a routing traffic stop, guy decided to leave the scene. Since I had the Night Angel with me I used it  to distract him. He ended up running over the unit. He was so confused he wrecked his car and was apprehended. By the way the Night Angle still works" 

"I felt much safer with the Night Angel unit in my car. I have not used it yet, but like knowing its there"

About Us

The Officer & The Inventor


Kevin Blair is the founder of the Night Angel® line of products. Kevin began his career in the military with the 2nd Infantry Division Special Reaction Force (Military SWAT) and trained with Special Forces and Rangers QRF.

After serving his country for 3 ½ years, he returned home to serve with the Syracuse Police Department, Kevin served as a patrol officer then moved into homicide/major felony investigations and then supervisor in the Anti Crime Unit. Throughout his career Kevin has been in some very difficult situations and knows the value of having the right tactical gear to do the job. It was when he was a patrol police officer that Kevin found himself chasing a suspect into a dark abandoned building and realizing the tactical disadvantage he was in. He did not want to use his flashlight to identify his position, yet found it impossible to navigate his way without it. From that moment on Kevin has worked at bringing a safer more reliable tactical illumination product to those that put their life on the line to protect others.

Mike Muehlemann is a co-founder of Night Angel Products, LLC and the visionary that brought Kevin Blair’s idea for a deployable illumination devise to reality. Mike is an expert at converting technology into commercially viable products and is the founder of three other technology companies - all of which provide products and services to a diverse set of customers and applications. With a Master Degree in Physics, specialized training in optical and electronic systems, holder of (6) six US Patents, and multiple US and international patents pending, Mike was the perfect match to develop the Night Angel Line of products. Through this partnership Night Angel® has a line of durable, robust, and paradigm shifting products that provide additional safety to our service men and women.

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Night Angel Products, LLC.

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Warranty Statement

Night Angel Products LLC products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defect for one year from the date of purchase of the product.  Night Angel Products LLC will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective unit. This warranty is void if the unit in question has been visibly damaged by accident or misuse, or if the unit has been serviced or modified by anyone other than an authorized representative of Night Angel Products LLC.  This is the only warranty expressed or implied by Night Angel Products LLC. Specifically excluded from this warranty is damage resulting from improper installation or neglect in the operation of the unit or misunderstanding of the properties of the unit.

Any warranty implied under State Law shall be limited to one year from original delivery to the original purchaser. Specifically excluded from Night Angel Products LLC liability is any damage resulting from acts of any deity, malicious mischief, vandalism, riots, wars, improper installation or neglect in the operation or maintenance of the unit or misunderstanding of the properties of the unit. Under no circumstances shall Night Angel Products LLC be obligated for consequential or other damages of any kind or description, losses or expenses in connection with or by reason of the use of, or inability to use this unit for any reason. The stated warranty provides the purchaser with specific legal rights, and there may be additional rights which vary from state to state.

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